We work with startups that have large language models (LLMs) at the core of their product or service. Our clients are early adopters of technology, and excited about the possibilities of generative AI.

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What our clients say about us

Working with Judith over the past years has been a pleasure on many occasions, when working on text classification for an employer she gave me insightful advice on the state of the art of Natural Language Processing tools and also gave me more tailored advice on how these could be implemented in different scenarios. This saved me and the company I was employed by valuable time and energy. I would not hestitate to ask her again for advice on NLP and Finance related analysis.

  • Michel Jansen, Data scientist
  • A.S.R.
  • Utrecht, the Netherlands

Judith did some truly excellent consulting work for us. She used all of her expertise and experience with NLP and ML to give us detailed, constructive feedback on our AI-powered creativity tool. Her recommendations resulted in direct product improvements. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Judith – I guarantee you will be delighted with the results!

  • Charlene Putney, Founder
  • Copenhagen, Denmark

In addition to her impressive technical skills in engineering and data analysis, Judith possesses exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, making her a rare and valuable asset to any team.

  • Marijn van Aerle, CTO and co-founder
  • Floryn
  • 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands

Netvlies recently hosted Datakami for a hands-on workshop on generative AI. The goal was to shift perceptions of generative AI and spark enthusiasm for experimenting with this new tech. The workshop perfectly balanced a broad introduction with technical details, making the topic accessible to everyone regardless of their background and experience. The participants were asked to create and pitch practical use-cases, making the workshop highly relevant to our company. Our collaboration with Datakami was a very positive experience: Judith's open communication style and flexibility perfectly matched our dynamic way of working at Netvlies. The workshop was a resounding success, and I can highly recommend Datakami for any company looking to explore the possibilities of Generative AI.

  • Dwayne Buurstede, Senior developer
  • Netvlies
  • Breda, The Netherlands

I really appreciated the partnership with Datakami. It was a short project, and I was pretty surprised that we were able to get as much done as we did and learn as much as we did. The fact that Datakami still gave it as much care and attention as a larger project was greatly appreciated. We're looking forward to working together again in the future. So yeah, big thumbs up.

  • Josh LaBau, Lead engineer
  • Sudowrite
  • San Francisco, California, United States