At Datakami, we view our relationships with clients as partnerships. Projects are active and open collaborations.

What can you expect from us?


We're here to offer you solid expertise and the best advice for your specific product and situation. Expect a pragmatic approach and actionable advice that you can put to use right away. And if we notice a new development in applied AI that might be relevant to you, we'll let you know.


During projects, we give regular updates about our progress. We favor asynchronous communication to keep the communication overhead to a minimum. After a project, we give you everything you need - data, code, and infrastructure - all in plain English, so you can take the work forward without needing us to hold your hand.


Datakami is bootstrapped and completely independent from any vendor. If we think you should take a particular approach or there's a better tool for the job, we'll tell you. We'll also help you reduce your reliance on third parties where possible, so you can keep control over your product. We favor open-source software, transparent models and open data.

A note about stewardship

We understand that it is scary for businesses to show their intellectual property to contractors. That makes sense. However, as your R&D team, we need to understand your product, down to the finest technical details. We keep anything you share with us, such as data or code, strictly confidential.

Here's what we expect from you

You are there when we need you

We make sure that working with us does not take up much of your time. Sometimes, we'll need things like data or code from you. Quickly replying to our requests makes sure we can keep the project moving.

You are open about your challenges

You know your business better than anyone. Show us the nuts and bolts of your product, so we can really understand the problem. Don't be afraid to discuss the things you've tried in the past that didn't work. Share your thoughts.

You understand the R&D process

The outcome of an R&D project is often uncertain. Not everything we will try will work. To deal with this, we work in an iterative way. Sometimes we need to adjust our project goals based on progressive insight of what works and what won't. If you are aware of the unpredictability of research & development, we can work together more smoothly.